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Chinese International Students, Where Are You?

Last week, the first charter flight carrying 63 Asian international students, majority Chinese, arrived in Darwin, the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory. It is the first group of international students entered Australia since the strict border control imposed in March due to the pandemic. News outlets in both China and Australia reported on this event.

Perhaps I should Homeschool my Child!

A vast majority of parents currently are still struggling with the decision of whether to send their children to school in instances where the school offers a hybrid model or full physical model option. Many are clearly worried about the implications for both the child’s health and family health as news of numbers filter through the airwaves. Thus requiring clarity and tact in reporting.

Let’s Talk Periods, but Hold the Stigma

This past Tuesday, Scotland MSPs have unanimously approved a bill that will make period products free for all. Though the practical arrangements have yet to be decided, it will ensure that anyone who is in need of period products will be able to get them for free. Scotland has been taking strides towards this issue for years to tackle period poverty and period stigma and to create a positive impact on girl’s education.

Parent-School Tensions in China, Why and How: Local and International News Compared.

The Paper, one popular news outlet in China, posted an article about the recent heated discussion around parents and schools’ tension. This topic’s popularity was sparked by a short video posted by a father complaining about how frustrated he was by being expected to correct his kid’s homework and communicate with teachers in a parent group chat. Many parents echoed his experience on social media. Shortly after, some municipal education bureaus published rules to regulate teachers from asking parents to review students’ homework, and violations of such rules can lead to penalties on teachers’ performance evaluations. While this is a local issue, I found that China Global Television Network (CGTN) published an English article on this topic. I wonder how the presentation of this issue will vary when it is delivered to foreign readers.

Free Period Products: Is It Bananas or Cool?

On the 24th of November, the Scottish Parliament approved the bill that made “provision for free period products for anyone who needs them.” This is a historical moment, as Scotland is the first country to do so. According to UNICEF and the World Bank, lack of access to menstrual hygiene products forces girls to miss school worldwide, which makes the bill a big step toward improving girls’ education.

The American Dream

At this very moment, the U.S.’s collective student debt amounts to $1.5 trillion. However, things may be changing in the near-future with President-elect Joe Biden and there are a lot of opinions surrounding this issue.

How Far Have We Gone and How Far Have Girls Gone?

In western media, it seemed significant accomplishments have been made, and we can have a positive outlook toward gender equality, even given the impact of the pandemic. Yet the overall dooming tone prescribed in local reports from Bangladesh and India forms direct contrast to those uplifting and optimistic voices in international media outlets.

Equality or Equity?

In a recent meeting with senior officials, Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, makes a bold claim that the new curriculum aiming to be implemented in the next school year will create equal opportunities for all, ending a long-standing class-based system across the country. While government officials may be optimistic about this plan, there are a mass of critics opposed to this ‘new’ proposed system, and also many with conflicting views on the Prime Minister himself.

I Pledge Allegiance to…

In September, President Trump announced that he planned to create a “pro-American” curriculum called the 1776 Commission to promote “patriotic education.” Patriotic education can be defined as “a form of political education…to teach people to love America,” however the curriculum would ignore most social movements and exclude current and historical movements for Black Freedom.


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